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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999


A chronological list of all 1995 events that have appeared in the calendar listings of the Global Climate Change Digest.



Event #d95cal1

The Jehuda Neumann Memorial Symposium on Mesoscale Models and Climate History, Jan. 4-6, 1995, Jerusalem, Israel. Topics include climate history, and climate change and weather modification. Contact P. Alpert, Dept. Geophys., Tel Aviv Univ., Tel Aviv 69978, Israel (tel: 972 3 640 8274; fax: 972 3 640 9282); or R.P. Pearce, Dept. Meteor., Univ. Reading, Reading RG6 2AU, UK (tel: 44 734 875 123; fax: 44 734 352 604).

Event #d95cal2

75th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, Jan. 15-20, 1995, Dallas, Texas. Contact AMS, 45 Beacon St., Boston MA 02108 (617-227-2425), or see Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., p. 2459 ff., Dec. 1993 for details.

Event #d95cal3

Ninth Conference on Applied Climatology, Jan. 15-20, 1995, Dallas, Texas. Abstracts due June 1 to Ellen Cooter, NOAA/ARL, Research Triangle Pk. NC 27711 (tel: 919-541-1334; fax: 919-541-3615).

Event #d95cal4

Sixth Symposium on Global Change Studies, Jan. 15-20, 1995, Dallas, Texas. Abstracts due June 1 to Eric Barron, Prog. Chair, 248 Deike Bldg., Pennsylvania State Univ., Univ. Pk. PA 16802 (tel: 814-865-1619; fax: 814-865-3191).

Event #d95cal5

Fourth Conference on Polar Meteorology and Oceanography, Jan. 15-20, 1995, Dallas, Texas. Abstracts due June 1 to Judith Curry, Prog. Chair, Campus Box 311, Univ. Colorado, Boulder CO 80309 (tel: 303-492-5733; fax: 303-492-2825).

Event #d95cal6

AMS Conference on Cloud Physics, Jan. 15-20, 1995, Dallas, Texas. Abstracts due June 1 to Harry T. Ochs, Illinois State Water Surv., 2204 Griffith Dr., Champaign IL 61820 (tel: 217-333-4964; fax: 217-333-6540).

Event #d95cal7

Conference on Hydrology, Jan. 15-20, 1995, Dallas, Texas. Abstracts due June 1; contact William Kustas, Hydrol. Lab., USDA-ARS, Bldg. 007 BARC-WEST, Beltsville MD 20705 (tel: 301-504-8498; fax: 301-504-8931).

Event #d95cal8

Symposium on the Regulation of Sea Surface Temperatures and Warming of the Tropical Ocean-Atmosphere System, Jan. 15-20,. 1995, Dallas, Texas. Organized by the Scientific Steering Committee of the Central Equatorial Pacific Experiment (CEPEX). Concurrent with the Amer. Meteor. Soc. 75th Annual Meeting. Two days will cover CEPEX; other topics include tropical response to greenhouse gases; and super greenhouse effect and water vapor feedback. Abstracts are due June 1 to: V. Ramanathan, Scripps Inst. Oceanog., 9500 Gilman Dr., 0221, La Jolla CA 92093 (tel: 619-534-8815; fax: 619-534-4922; e-mail:

Event #d95cal9

Imperatives for Atmospheric Sciences Entering the 21st Century, Jan. 17, 1995, Dallas, Texas. In this newly announced session of the 75th annual meeting of the American Meteorological Society, the National Research Council Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate will give an assessment and seek suggestions concerning the major scientific problems, research objectives, experimental programs and policy issues that should be considered in setting future directions for atmospheric sciences. The session is organized by John Dutton, Dept. Meteor., Pennsylvania State Univ., Univ. Pk. PA 16802 (tel: 814-865-1534).

Event #d95cal10

Circulation of the Intra-Americas Sea, Jan. 22-27, 1995, La Parguera, Puerto Rico. To advance understanding in predicting ocean circulation and its effect on the atmosphere and hydrological cycle through cooperative and joint studies in the Americas. Abstract deadline Oct. 1. Contact Amer. Geophys. Union, Meetings Dept., 2000 Florida Ave. NW, Washington DC 20009 (tel: 202-462-6900; fax: 202-328-0566).

Event #d95cal11

GCTE Open Workshop on Soil Biology and Global Change, Jan. 30-Feb. 2, 1995, Copenhagen, Denmark. Contact Sten Struwe, Dept. Gen. Microbiol., Univ. Copenhagen, Solvgade 8311, DK-1307 Copenhagen K, Den. (fax: +45 35 32 20 40).


Event #d95cal12

R'95, Feb. 1-4, 1995, Geneva, Switz. A conference and trade fair on integrated resources management that will strike a balance among science, industry and legislation to ensure interdisciplinary problem solving. A preliminary program is available from: R'95, Orgexpo, POB 112, CH-1218, Grand Sacconex/Geneva, Switz. (tel: 41 22/761 11 11).

Event #d95cal13

Frontiers '95: Fifth Symposium on the Frontiers of Massively Parallel Computation, Feb. 6-9, 1995, McLean, Va. Sponsored by NASA et al. Poster session deadline is Nov. 1, 1994. Contact J. Saltz, Univ. Maryland, College Pk. MD 20742 (e-mail:

Event #d95cal14

Coastal Change '95, Feb. 6-10, 1995, Bordeaux, France. Has the theme: coastal change--past, present and future. Contact Gilles Roulland, 2 pl. Bourse, 33076 Bordeaux Cedex, France (tel: +33-56-51-2092; fax: +33-56-48-2819).

Event #d95cal15

OUTLOOK 95, Feb. 7-9, 1995, Canberra, Australia. The 25th anniversary conference, convened by ABARE (Australian Bur. Agric. & Resour. Econ.), with sponsorship of Apple Computer et al., will be a comprehensive forum for discussing Australia's commodity sector. Major sessions will include one on climate change. Contact OUTLOOK 95, ABARE, GPO 1563, Canberra, ACT 2601, Australia (tel: 616-272-2000; fax: 616-272-2001).

Event #d95cal16

GCTE/ISSS/TSBF/UNDP/ICRAF/US-SMS Workshop on the Manage-ment of Carbon in Tropical Soils Under Global Change, Feb. 7-11, 1995, Nairobi, Kenya. Contact John Ingram, Dept. Plant Sci., Univ. Oxford, S. Parks Rd., OX1 3RB, UK (tel: +44 865 275 079; fax: +44 865 275 060).

Event #d95cal17

OUTLOOK 95, Feb. 7-9, 1995, Canberra, Australia. The 25th anniversary conference, convened by ABARE (Australian Bur. Agric. & Resour. Econ.), with sponsorship of Apple Computer et al., will be a comprehensive forum for discussing Australia's commodity sector. Major sessions will include one on climate change. Contact OUTLOOK 95, ABARE, GPO 1563, Canberra, ACT 2601, Australia (tel: 616-272-2000; fax: 616-272-2001).

Event #d95cal18

Energy Efficiency and the Global Environment: Industrial Competitiveness and Sustainability, Feb. 8-9, 1995, Newport Beach, Calif. Sponsored by So. Calif. Edison Co. and EPRI. Contact Marcia Littell, Synergic Resour. Corp., 111 Presidential Blvd., S. 127, Bala Cynwyd PA 19004 (tel: 610-667-2160; fax: 610-667-5593).

Event #d95cal19

Africa and Global Change: From Space-Based Observation to Modeling --A Contribution to Sustainable Development, Feb. 13-25, 1995, Nairobi, Kenya. A MEDIAS International School. Contact J.H. Kinuthia, Kenya Meteor. Dept., POB 30259, Nairobi, Kenya (tel: +254-2-567880; fax: +254-2-567888).

Event #d95cal20

Annual Meeting, Front Range Branch (Amer. Geophys. Union), Feb. 13-14, 1995, Fort Collins, Colo. A special session on scientific issues in developing countries will cover biodiversity, global change, natural hazards. For information or to submit an abstract, contact AGU Front Range Branch, Rush Services, 3300 Arapahoe Ave., S. 217, Boulder CO 80303 (tel: 303-443-8489; fax: 303-444-1273; e-mail:

Event #d95cal21

Energy and the Environment: Application of Geosciences to Decision Making, Feb. 13-16, 1995, Washington, D.C. The 1995 U.S. Geological Survey McKelvey Forum. Among the issues are energy resources of the future, impact on the atmosphere of the natural occurrence of oil, gas and coal, energy effects of energy resource development. A feature will be a panel discussion of the impacts of future energy resources on the environment. Contact USGS, POB 25046, MS 934, Denver CO 80225 (tel: 303-236-5769; fax: 303-236-8822; e-mail:

MARCH 1995

Event #d95cal22

The Fourth International Exhibition of Software for Environmental Science and Engineering, Mar. 2-3, 1995, Como, Italy. Contact G. Guariso, Dept. Electronics & Info., Politecnico di Milano, Via Ponzio 34/5, 20133 Milano, Italy (tel: 02 2399 3560; fax: 02 2399 3587; e-mail:

Event #d95cal23

Biomass Burning and Global Change, Mar. 13-17, 1995, Williamsburg, Va. An American Geophysical Union Chapman Conference. Among the topics are measurements from space; geographical and temporal distributions of biomass burning; gaseous and particulate emissions; impacts on atmospheric chemistry and climate; burning as global sources of bromine and chlorine in the stratosphere; modeling the impacts; history and future; social, economical and political implications. Abstracts are due Nov. 23, 1994, to: AGU Meetings Dept., Biomass Burning (address immed. above).

Event #d95cal24

International Symposium on Assimilation of Observations in Meteorology and Oceanography, Mar. 15-17, 1995, Tokyo, Japan. sponsored by the World Meteorological Organization et al. A two-day course, Mar. 13-14, will precede the conference. Abstracts are due Oct. 15, 1994, to: M. Ghil, c/o K. Ide, Dept. Atmos. Sci., UCLA, 405 Hilgard Ave., Los Angeles CA 90024 (fax: 310-206-3051; e-mail: Obtain registration information from Secretary-General, WMO, 41 av G. Motta, CP 2300, CH-1211, Geneva 2, Switz. See Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., p. 1558, Aug.

Event #d95cal25

NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Processes of Chemical Exchange Between the Atmosphere and Polar Snow, Mar. 19-23, 1995, Il Ciocco, Tuscany, Italy. Contact Eric Wolff, Brit. Antarctic Surv., High Cross, Madingley Rd., Cambridge CB3 0ET, UK (tel: 44 (0) 223 61188; fax: 44 (0) 223 62616; e-mail:

Event #d95cal26

Eighth Policy Workshop, Urban CO2 Reduction Project, Mar. 20-23, 1995, Bologna, Italy. Contact Intl. Council for Local Environ. Initiatives (ICLEI), City Hall (8th Fl., East Tower), Toronto ON M5H 2N2, Can. (tel: 416 392 1462; fax: 416 392 1478).

Event #d95cal27

GEMI '95: Environment and Sustainable Development--Making It Happen, Mar. 22-23, 1995, Arlington, Va. Sponsored by GEMI (Global Environmental Management Institute), a coalition of 28 companies dedicated to fostering environmental excellence in business. Will highlight five areas of corporate environmental leadership: partnerships, product design, eco-nomics, energy, and health and safety. Registration fees range from $550 to $1000. Also will host workshops on communications (Mar. 20-21) and TQEM (Mar. 21). Contact GEMI '95, c/o JT&A Inc., 1000 Connecticut Ave. NW, S. 802, Washington DC 20036 (tel: 800-726-4853; 202-429-0776; fax: 202-466-8554).

Event #d95cal28

Ocean-Atmosphere-Ice Inter-actions (OAII)/Arctic System Science (ARCSS) Biological Initiative in the Arctic: Shelf-Basin Interactions Workshop, Mar. 23-25, 1995, Townsend, Tenn. Sponsored by the Natl. Sci. Foundation and intended to develop a community-based, prior-itized research plan for integrating studies of the physical and biogeochemical interactions of the Arctic Ocean shelves and basin. Will emphasize biogeochemical cycles and global climate change. Contact J.M. Grebmeier, Grad. Prog. in Ecology, Univ. Tennessee, Knoxville TN 37996 (tel: 615-974-2592; fax: 615-974-3067; e-mail:

Event #d95cal29

WINDPOWER '95, Mar. 26-30, 1995, Washington, D.C. 25th annual conference of the Amer. Wind Energy Assoc. (122 C St. NW, 4th Fl., Washington DC 20001).

Event #d95cal30

Climate Convention Information Exchange Program Conference, Mar. 27, 1995, Berlin, Ger. Will improve the availability of information on country activities. Contact UNFCCC Interim Secretariat, Geneva Exec. Ctr., 11-13 Chemin des An?mones, 1219 Ch?telaine, Geneva, Switz. (tel: +41 22 979 9111; fax: +41 22 979 9034; e-mail: (Note: Attendance at most official meetings in connection with the Climate Convention are by invitation only.)

Event #d95cal31

The International Sustainable Development Research Conference, Mar. 27-28, 1995, Manchester, U.K. Topics include international relations, using information technology for planning and monitoring, economic policy instruments, education, and implementation of Agenda 21. Contact ERP Environ., POB 75, Shipley, W. Yorkshire BD17 6EZ, UK (tel: 44 0 274 530 408; fax: 44 0 274 530 409).

Event #d95cal32

Second Municipal Leaders' Summit on Climate Change, Mar. 27-29, 1995, Berlin, Ger. Municipal leaders will present successful strategies and initiatives for climate protection to national leaders, and will discuss these strategies as they relate to the Framework Convention on Climate Change. Contact Intl. Council for Local Environ. Initiatives (ICLEI), Intl. Training Ctr., European Secretariat, Eschholzstr. 86, D-79115 Freiberg, Ger.

Event #d95cal33

Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite Science Team Meeting, Mar. Sponsored by NASA. A semiannual 28-30, 1995, Pasadena, Calif. meeting for researchers using UARS measurements. Contact K.A. Wolfe, Computer Sci. Corp., 10110 Aerospace Rd., Lanham-Seabrook MD 20706 (tel: 301-794-1886; fax: 301-794-7745; e-mail:

Event #d95cal34

First Conference of the Parties to the Framework on Climate Change, Mar. 28-Apr. 7, 1995, Berlin, Ger. Contact UNFCC Interim Secretariat (address immed. above).

APRIL 1995

Event #d95cal35

TOGA 95, Apr. 2-7, 1995, Melbourne, Australia. TOGA (Tropical Ocean-Global Atmosphere Program) is a component of the World Climate Research Program. This conference, to mark TOGA's Dec. 1994 completion, will review and evaluate the scientific achievements; determine the extent to which the objectives were met; and discuss future directions. Abstracts are due Oct. 3, 1994, to: TOGA 95 Secretary, Bur. Meteor. Res. Ctr., GPO Box 1289K, Melbourne, Vic. 3001, Australia (tel: 61 3 669 4046; fax: 61 3 669 4660; e-mail:

Event #d95cal36

The Sixth Global Warming International Conference, Apr. 3-6, 1995; Executive Workshop on Industrial Technology and Greenhouse Gas Emission, Apr. 4-5; San Francisco, Calif. Participating organizations include SUPCON, the World Bank, EPRI, and governmental agencies worldwide. Sessions will cover: energy and natural resource management; international coordination; global warming and climate change; international law and policy making; global warming and public health; remote sensing; and state and local government. Abstracts are due Nov. 15, 1994, to: Prog. Committee, Global Warming Conf., POB 5275, Woodridge IL 605177 (tel: 708-910-1551; fax: 708-910-1561). Space is limited.

Event #d95cal37

XX General Assembly of the European Geophysical Society, Apr. 3-7, 1995, Hamburg, Ger. Sessions will cover such topics as aerosols and climate change, hydrological hazards and climate change, ocean circulation, remote sensing and modeling of ocean phenomena, stratospheric and tropospheric heterogeneous processes, and glacier fluctuations. The abstract deadline may have passed. Contact Eur. Geophys. Soc., Postfach 49, Max-Planck Str. 1, 37189 Katlenburt-Lindau, Ger. (tel: +49-5556-1440; fax: +49-5556-4709; internet: (See Eos, pp. 495-496, Oct. 19, 1994.

Event #d95cal38

KLIMA '95--First International Climate Protection Fair, Apr. 4-7, 1995, Berlin, Ger. Contact KLIMA, Postfach 150102, D-10663, Berlin, Ger. (tel: 49 30 23 145970; fax: 49 30 23 145969).

Event #d95cal39

Refrigeration CFCs: Recovery, Reuse, Alternatives and New Legislation, Apr. 5-6, 1995, Las Vegas, Nev. A course for those implementing plans for complying with new CFC regulations. Contact Assoc. Energy Eng., 4025 Pleasantdale Rd., S. 410, Atlanta GA 30340 (tel: 404 447 5083, ext. 210; fax: 410 446 3969).

Event #d95cal40

Understanding Earth: Retrospectives and Visions, Apr. 5-6, 1995, Washington, D.C. The fifth conference in the series, Earth Observations and Global Change Decision Making: A National Partnership, being held in honor of the 25th anniversary of Earth Day. An international group of environmental science and policy experts will give a broad view of what we have learned and what to expect about global change. Contact Robert Rogers, ERIM Conferences, POB 134001, Ann Arbor MI 48113 (tel: 313-994-1200, ext. 3453; fax: 313-994-5123; or

Event #d95cal41

Twentieth Annual AAAS Colloquium on Science and Technology Policy, Apr. 12-14, 1995, Washington, D.C. Policy analysts will interpret President Clinton's budget proposals for science and technology. Contact Amer. Assoc. Advance. Sci., 1333 H St. NW, Washington DC 20005 (202-326-6600).

Event #d95cal42

The Oceanography Society Fourth Scientific Meeting, Apr. 18-21, 1995, Newport, R.I. Sponsored by the Oceanographic Soc. Themes include long time series and ocean variability, and coastal oceans research. Contact J. Rhodes, Oceanog. Soc., 4052 Timber Ridge Dr., Virginia Beach VA 23455 (tel: 804 464 0131; fax: 804 464 1759; e-mail:

Event #d95cal43

GLOBALCON '95: The Market-place for Energy and Environmental Technologies, Apr. 19-20, 1995, San Francisco, Calif. Sponsored by Assoc. Energy Engineers et al. An extensive energy and environmental exposition that addresses the commercial, institutional, governmental and industrial marketplace. There will be several one-day seminars. Also taking place is the RETSIE Energy and Envi-ronmental Conference. Contact Assoc. Energy Eng., 4025 Pleasantdale Rd., S. 420, Atlanta GA 30340 (tel: 404-447-5083; fax: 404-446-3969).

Event #d95cal44

CO2--A Challenge for Mankind, Apr. 20-21, 1995, Interlaken, Switz. Contact Catherine Kost, Systematisch-Geobot. Inst., Univ. Bern, Alternbergrain 21, CH-3013, Switz. (tel: 41 31 631 4940; fax: 41 31 332 2059; e-mail:

Event #d95cal45

Water in the 21st Century: Conservation, Demand, and Supply, Apr. 23-26, 1995, Salt Lake City, Utah. Sponsored by Amer. Water Resour. Assoc. Planners, environmentalists, educators, lawyers, engineers, sociologists and economists are expected to attend. Contact J.P. Riley, Utah State Univ., Logan UT 84321 (tel: 801-750-2783; fax: 801-750-1185).

Event #d95cal46

Global Environmental Change: Implications for Southern Africa, Apr. 24-26, 1995, Pretoria, South Africa. Organized by South Africa IGBP Natl. Comm. Contact Louise Botten, Foundation for Research Develop., POB 2600, Pretoria 0001, S. Africa (fax: +27-12 941 3791; Internet:

Event #d95cal47

LOICZ-An Open Science Meeting, Apr. 24-27, 1995, Quezon City, The Philippines. Organized by LOICZ (Land-Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone), and open to all scientists interested in global change and coastal zone issues. Will present the LOICZ operating plan and discuss implementation. Contact John Pernetta, LOICZ Core Project Off., Netherlands Inst. for Sea Res., POB 59, 1790 AB Den Burg-Texel, Neth. (tel: 31 2220 69404; fax: 31 2220 69430; e-mail:

Event #d95cal48

Climate Change and Tropical Forest Impacts, Apr. 24-28, 1995, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Intl. Inst. of Tropical Forestry. Will assess climate threats within the context of other human-induced stresses such as forest fragmentation and demographic change. Research and monitoring needs will be identified. Contact Sarah Laskin, WWF, 1250 24th St. NW, Washington DC 20037 (tel: 202-778-9767; fax: 202-293-9245).

Event #d95cal49

Third International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilization, Apr. 30-May 4, 1995, Norman, Okla. Contact Ken Nicholas, ICCDU Conf., Dept. Chem. & Biochem., Univ. Oklahoma, Norman OK 73019 (tel: 405 325 3696; fax: 405 325 6111).

MAY 1995

Event #d95cal50

1995 IEEE International Symposium on Electronics and the Environment: A Life Cycle Approach for Electronics Products, May 1-3, 1995, Orlando, Fla. Will cover emerging trends that will affect the energy efficiency and chemical restrictions of products and processes. Contact IEEE Tech. Activities, POB 1331, Piscataway NJ 08855 (tel: 908-562-3878; fax: 908-981-1769).

Event #d95cal51

Summer School on Remote Sensing of Processes Governing Energy and Water Cycles in the Climate System, May 1-12, 1995, Plon, Germany. A NATO Advanced Study Institute with GEWEX As an area of special interest. Will cover topics such as indirect measurements from satellites, aircraft and the ground; and state-of-the-art climatology and modeling. Participants may present poster papers. Apply by Oct. 31, 1994 to: Ralph Nolte-Holube, GKSS Res. Ctr. Geesthacht, Inst. Phys. P2, POB 1160, D-21494 Geesthacht, Ger. (fax: 49-4152-872020; e-mail: (See Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., p. 1736, Sep. 1994.)

Event #d95cal52

12th Pacific Climate Workshop, May 2-5, 1995, Pacific Grove, Calif. Sponsored by U.S. Geol. Survey. The theme is interdecadal climate variability over the Pacific and Western Americas. Other topics, as they relate to these regions, include ocean-atmosphere variability from the instrumental record; modeling interdecadal climate variability; ocean ecosystem response; and marine paleorecords from sediments and corals. Contact D. Gautier, USGS, Box 25046, MS 934, Denver Fed. Ctr., Denver CO 80225 (tel: 303 236 5740; fax: 303 236 8822; e-mail:

Event #d95cal53

The First International Conference on Environmental Education, May 3-5, 1995, Cochin, India. A practical forum for exchanging ideas. Submit abstracts or obtain information from: M.A. Majeed, Inst. Environ. Educ., P.O. PADY, Trichur District, Kerala 680 699, India (fax: 011 91 487 331505).

Event #d95cal54

Planning for a Sustainable Future: The Case of the North American Great Plains, May 8-10, 1995, Lincoln, Neb. Cosponsored by NOAA and Environment Canada et al., with a much broader focus than early symposia in this series. Plenary and working group sessions will attempt to include all stakeholders with an interest in the area, where impacts of climate change are likely to be more severe and materialize more rapidly than in environmentally stronger ecosystems. A call for abstracts has been issued. Contact Donald Wilhite, Intl. Drought Info. Ctr., 241 Chse Hall, Univ. Nebraska, POB 830728, Lincoln NB 68583 (tel: 402-472-6706; fax: 402-472-6614; e-mail:

Event #d95cal55

International Conference on Energy and Environment, May 8-10, 1995, Shanghai, China. Sponsored by the Natl. Natural Science Foundation of China et al. Topics include energy policy, economics and planning; cogeneration and district heating; clean combustion and alternative fuels; and other technical and engineering considerations. English will be used for all printed materials, presentations and discussions. Contact Zhi-Hang Chen, Conf. Chair, Shanghai Inst. Mechanical Eng. (SIME), POB 482, Shanghai 200093, PRC (tel: 86-21-5435883; fax: 86-21-5431258).

Event #d95cal56

11th Meeting of the Montreal Protocol Open-Ended Working Group, May 8-12, 1995, Nairobi, Kenya. Contact K.M. Sarma, Ozone Secretariat, UNEP, POB 30552, Nairobi, Kenya (tel: 254 2 623885; fax: 254 2 521930).

Event #d95cal57

Inventory Workshop for Transition Countries, Budapest, Hungary, May 8-12, 1995. A U.S. Country Studies Program workshop. (See NEWS NOTES.) Contact Graig Ebert, ICF Inc., Washington, D.C. (tel: 202 862 1130; fax: 202 862 1144).

Event #d95cal58

IEA Conference on the Strategic Value of Fossil Fuels: Challenges and Responses, May 8-12, 1995, Houston, Tex. Sponsored by the Intl. Energy Assoc., and U.S. Dept. Energy. Government decision makers and industrial leaders will focus on fossil fuels and their value, their relation to climate change initiatives, their role in sustainable development, and industrial response to public concerns. Contact USEA, IEA Conf. Secretariat, 1620 Eye St. NW, S. 1000, Washington DC 20006 (tel: 202-331-0415; fax: 202-331-0418).

Event #d95cal59

IEA Conference on the Strategic Value of Fossil Fuels: Challenges and Responses, May 8-12, 1995, Houston, Tex. (Update from Global Climate Change Digest, p. 15, Jan. 1995.) The program is available; plenary sessions, panel discussions and working groups will address climate change and future energy use. Contact USEA, IEA Conf. Secretariat, 1620 Eye St. NW, S. 1000, Washington DC 20006 (tel: 202 331 0415; fax: 202 331 0418).

Event #d95cal60

Halon Options Technical Working Conference, May 9-11, 1995, Albuquerque, New Mex. Contact Donna Chavez, NMERI/CGET, Univ. New Mexico, 901 Univ. Blvd. SE, Albuquerque NM 87106 (tel: 505-272-7260; fax: 505-272-7203).

Event #d95cal61

The Joint Global Ocean Flux Study: First International Scientific Symposium, May 9-12, 1995, Villefranche-Sur-Mer, France. (Update from Global Climate Change Digest, Nov.-Dec. 1994.) Sessions include the history of JGOFS and its role in global change research; carbon dioxide; iron fertilization experiment; continental margin carbon fluxes. Poster abstracts are due before Mar. 31 to: Aida Stark, JGOFS Core Office, Inst. Meereskunde, Univ. Kiel, D?sternbrooker Weg 20, 2300 Kiel, Ger. (tel: 49 431 597 4019; fax: 49 431 565 876; e-mail: (See advertisement in Eos, p. 68, Feb. 14, 1995.)

Event #d95cal62

JGOFS Scientific Symposium, May 9-13, 1995, Villefranche, France. Contact Guy Jacques, Observ. Oc?anog. de Banyuls, CNRS, F-66650 Banyuls-sur-Mer, France (fax: 33 68 88 10 69).

Event #d95cal63

International Conference on Geomorphic Responses of the Mediterranean and Arid Areas to Climate Change, May 10-21, 1995, Israel. Topics will include methods of studying environmental response to climate change, historical evidence of climate change in these regions, minor late Quaternary climate changes, and the effect of spatial and temporal scales on pertinent topics. Contact A. Yair, GERTEC Meeting, Inst. Earth Sci., Hebrew Univ., Givat Ram Campus, Jerusalem, Israel 91904 (tel: 972-2-58-4670; fax: 972-2-66-2581).

Event #d95cal64

Microbiology of Atmospheric Trace Gases: Sources, Sinks and Global Change Processes, May 13-18, 1995, Il Ciocco, Italy. A NATO Advanced Research Workshop. Contact C. Murrell, Dept. Biol. Sci., Univ. Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL, UK (fax: 44 203 523568).

Event #d95cal65

Joint Symposium on Stratospheric Ozone, May 15-19, 1995, Halkidiki, Greece. Sponsored by the European Commission, NASA et al. Will cover ozone trends; observations, interpretation and sources of aerosols, NOy, HOx, and ClOx; transport and dynamics; new chemistry; and radiation (including climate coupling and radiative budget). Contact C.S. Zerefos, Lab. Atmos. Phys., Aristotle Univ., GR-54006 Thessaloniki, Greece (tel: 30 31 998041; fax: 30 31 248602; e-mail:

Event #d95cal66

First Annual Symposium on Energy and Environment-Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy: Is It Possible?, May 17-19, 1995, Houston, Texas. Sponsored by Energy & Environ. Systems Inst., Rice Univ. (713 527 4700).

Event #d95cal67

Fourth Annual Conference of the Global Awareness Society International: Global Population and the Environment, May 19-21, 1995, Shanghai, China. Contact James Pomfret, Global Aware. Soc. Intl., Bloomsburg Univ., Bloomsburg PA 17815 (tel: 717 389 4504; e-mail:

Event #d95cal68

International Conference on Climate Change, May 22-23, 1995, Washington D.C. Sponsored by Univ. Maryland Ctr. Global Change et al. Contact J. McCusker, POB 236, Frederick MD 21701 (tel: 301-695-3762; fax: 301-695-0175).

Event #d95cal69

Second Annual International Conference on Climate Change, May 22-23, 1995, Washington, D.C. Sponsored by the Intl. Climate Change Partnership. Will assess the results of the first Conference of Parties of the Framework Convention on Climate Change (Mar. 21-Apr. 7, 1995, Berlin). A call for papers has been issued. Contact ICCP, POB 236, Frederick MD 21701 (tel: 301-695-3762; fax: 301-695-0175).

Event #d95cal70

An International Conference on Climate Change Adaptation Assess-ments, May 22-26, 1995, St. Petersburg, Russia. Organized by the United States and the Russian Federation to encourage countries participating in the U.S. Country Studies Program to incorporate adaptation assessments into their climate change vulnerability analyses. Contact Neeloo Bhatti, Argonne Natl. Lab., DIS/900, 9700 S. Cass Ave., Argonne IL 60439 (tel: 708-252-6595; fax: 708-252-6073).

Event #d95cal71

International GEWEX (Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment) Workshop on Cold Season-Region Hydrometeorology, May 22-26, 1995, Banff, Alberta, Canada. Held by the Hydrology Section of the Canadian Geophysical Union concurrently with its annual meeting, which will examine several types of modeling. The GEWEX workshop will review the current state of knowledge; identify crucial problems for modelers; recommend how the GEWEX Continental-Scale International Project (GCIP) and the Canadian Mackenzie GEWEX Study (MAGS) can contribute. Abstracts for the workshop are due Dec. 1, 1994, to: Terry Krauss, Natl. Hydrol. Res. Ctr., 11 Innovation Blvd., Saskatoon SK S7N 3H5, Can. (tel: 306-975-4215; fax: 306-975-5143; e-mail:

Event #d95cal72

Two other GEWEX meetings were listed in Global Climate Change Digest, July 1994: Summer School on Remote Sensing of Processes Governing Energy and Water Cycles in the Climate System, May 1-12, 1995, Plon, Germany; Clouds, Convection and Land Surface Processes, July 3-7, 1995, Boulder, Colorado.

Event #d95cal73

The Space Congress, May 23-25, 1995, Bremen, Ger. Sponsored by several organizations and companies. Will include sessions on evolving trends in the dual use of satellites; small satellites for remote sensing; and the need for a user-driven space policy for remote sensing. Contact Congress Partner GMBH, Emmastr. 220, D-28213 Bremen, Ger. (tel: 49 421 219073; fax: 49 421 216419).

Event #d95cal74

10th World Clean Air Congress and Exposition, May 28-June 2, 1995, Espoo, Finland. Organized by the Intl. Union of Air Pollut. Prevention and Environ. Protect. Assocs. (UAPPA-UIAPPA) et al. Contact Congress Mgmt. Systems, POB 151, FIN-00141 Helsinki, Finland (tel: 358-0-175355; fax: 358-0-170122).

Event #d95cal75

1995 Spring Meeting, American Geophysical Union, May 29-June 2, Baltimore, Md. Encourages papers on any geophysical topic. General information and names and addresses for the program committee are in Eos, pp. 552-553, Nov. 22, 1994. A schedule of special sessions will appear in Eos, Jan. 3, 1995. Submit abstracts for papers by Mar. 9, 1995 to: 1995 Spring Meeting, AGU, 2000 Florida Ave. NW, Washington DC 20009; instructions for electronic submission will be available by Jan. 30, 1995.

Event #d95cal76

Sustainable Forests Global Challenges and Local Solutions, May 29-June 1, 1995, Saskatoon, Sask., Canada. Contact Thomas Bouman, Prince Albert Model Forest, POB 2406, Prince Albert SK S6V 7G3, Can. (tel: 306 922 1944; fax: 306 763 6456; internet: via gopher to

Event #d95cal77

Africa Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Forestry, Land-Use Change, and Agriculture, Pretoria, S. Africa, May 29-June 2, 1995. A U.S. Country Studies Program workshop. (See NEWS NOTES.) Contact Graig Ebert, ICF Inc., Washington, D.C. (tel: 202 862 1130; fax: 202 862 1144).

Event #d95cal78

29th Annual Congress of the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society, May 29-June 2, 1995, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Sessions will include climate change. Abstracts are due Jan. 31, 1995. Contact W. Hsieh, Dept. Oceanog., Univ. British Columbia, 6270 Univ. Blvd., Vancouver BC V6T 1Z4, Can. (tel: 604-822-2821; fax: 604-822-6091; e-mail:

Event #d95cal79

12th World Meteorological Congress, May 30-June 21, 1995, Geneva, Switz. Contact WMO, CP 2300, CH-1211, Geneva 2, Switz. (tel: 41 22 730 8111; fax: 41 22 734 2326).

Event #d95cal80

First Annual Symposium on Energy and Environment-Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy: Is It Possible?, May 17-19, 1995, Houston, Texas. Sponsored by Energy & Environ. Systems Inst., Rice Univ. (713 527 4700).

Event #d95cal81

Taking Nature Into Account, May 31-June 1, 1995, Brussels, Belg. Will develop an action plan for integrating the environment into national accounting systems and economic policies, and encourage commitments from relevant institutions. Contact WWF European Policy Off., 608 Chauss?e de Waterloo, 1060 Brussels, Belg. (tel: 32 2 347 3612; fax: 32 2 347 4366).

JUNE 1995

Event #d95cal82

First Open Meeting of the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change Community, June 1-3, 1995, Durham, North Carolina. Will promote information exchange on current research and encourage networking. Contact Global Environ. Change Prog., Social Sci. Res. Council, 605 Third Ave., New York NY 10158 (tel: 212-661-0280; fax: 202-370-7896; e-mail:

Event #d95cal83

Asian-Pacific Conference on the Built Environment: Trends and Challenges, June 1-3, 1995, Singapore. Alternative refrigerants will be addressed. Contact APCBE, Ken-Air Destination Mgmt. Co Pte Ltd, 257 Selegie Rd. #03-275, Selegie Com-plex, Singapore 0718, Rep. Singapore (tel: 65 336 8857; fax: 65 336 3613).

Event #d95cal84

Integrated Assessment of Global Environmental Change: Science and Policy, June 4-8, 1995, Durham, North Carolina. A NATO Advanced Research Workshop. Contact R.S. Chen, CIESIN, 2250 Pierce Rd., Univ. Ctr. MI 48710 (fax: 517-797-2622; e-mail:

Event #d95cal85

Institute on the Economics of the Climate Resource, June 5-7, 1995, Boulder, Colorado. Will familiarize economists with policy-relevant topics related to atmospheric and physical sciences, and economic research on climate as a resource. Contact Kathleen Miller, ESIG, NCAR, POB 3000, Boulder CO 80307 (tel: 303 497 8115; fax: 303 497 8125).

Event #d95cal86

Sustainable Forests: Integrating the Experience, June 5-9, 1995, Saulte Ste. Marie, Michigan (U.S.) and Ontario (Can.). An international conference with broad public and private sponsorship on implementing ecosystem management. Will provide interested stakeholders and practitioners with tools needed to manage forested ecosystems sustainably. Contact Joan Jaffit, Conference Mgr. (705-759-2554, ext. 747); or Don Gerrie, Lake Superior State Univ. (906-625-2688); or BRIDGE (Bi-National Regional Initiative Developing Greater Education), c/o Sault College Appl. Arts & Technol., POB 60, Sault Ste. Marie ON P6A 5L3, Can.

Event #d95cal87

Sixth International Symposium on the Natural Radiation Environment, June 5-9, 1995, Montreal, Quebec, Can. Contact Philip Hopke, Clarkson Univ., Box 5810, Potsdam NY 13699 (tel: 315-268-3861; fax: 315-268-6610).

Event #d95cal88

Symposium on Global Climate and Environmental Change, andConference on Impacts of Climate Change on Agricultural Production in the Pacific Rim, June 5-12, 1995, Beijing, China. Contact Fu Congbin, PSA XVIII Congress Secretariat, Inst. Atmos. Phys., POB 2718, Beijing 100080, PRC; or C.-P. Chang, Dept. Meteorol., Code MR/CP, Naval Postgraduate Sch., Montery CA 93943 (tel: 408-656-2840)

Event #d95cal89

Sustainability and the Reinvention of Government: A Challenge for Energy Efficiency, June 6-10, 1995, Mandelieu, France. A summer study organized by the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy that will examine the technological, social and economic aspects of the topic. Contact ECEEE 1995 Summer Study, NUTEK/EFF, S-117, 86 Stockholm, Swed. (tel: 46 8 681 95 88; fax: 46 8 681 95 85).

Event #d95cal90

Individual and Societal Knowledge Tools for a Sustainable Civilization: Can Humankind Live in Harmony with Nature? June 8-10, 1995, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Contact Helumt Burkhardt, Dept. Phys., Ryerson Polytech. Univ., Toronto ON M5B 2K3, Can. (tel: 416-979-5000, ext. 7246; fax: 416-979-5064; e-mail:

Event #d95cal91

Chemical Oceanography, June 11-16, 1995, Henniker, N.H. A Gordon Research Conference chaired by George Luther III (College Marine Sci., Univ. Delaware, Lewes DE 19958) and Kenneth Bruland. Organic carbon and atmosphere-ocean transport of CO2 are among the topics. Attendance is limited; application directly to the chairpersons is recommended. Or request information from Gordon Res. Conf., Univ. Rhode Island, POB 984, W. Kingston RI 02892 (tel: 401 783 4011; fax: 401 783 7644; e-mail: (See Science, p. 716 ff., Feb. 3, 1995.)

Event #d95cal92

Regional Workshop on Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation in Latin America, June 12-16, 1995, Montevideo, Uruguay. Organized by the U.S. Country Studies Program and several Latin American agencies. (See NEWS NOTES.) Will cover methods and results of mitigation assessments, and implementation of policies and programs for greenhouse gas mitigation. Contact Cecilia Ramos-Ma??, U.S. Country Studies Mgmt. Team (PO-63), 1000 Independence Ave. SW, Washington DC 20585 (tel: 202 426 1497; fax: 202 426 1540; e-mail:; or Annie Hareau, Com. Nacional sobre el Cambio Global, Ciudadela 1414, Piso 6, Montevideo, 11100 Uruguay (tel: 598 2 932088; fax: 598 2 922416; e-mail:

Event #d95cal93

Latin American Vulnerability and Adaptation Workshop, Montevideo, Uruguay, June 12-16, 1995. A U.S. Country Studies Program workshop. Contact Neeloo Bhatti, Argonne Natl. Lab., Argonne IL 60439 (tel: 708 252 6595; fax: 708 252 6073).

Event #d95cal94

Environmental Economics and Policy Analysis, June 12-July 14, 1995, Cambridge, Mass. A five-week training workshop for mid-career professionals from environment and economic ministries, development agencies etc. who are interested in natural resource management, environ-mental protection, sustainable development, and sustainable business. Tuition is $8500. The application deadline is Mar. 1, 1995, but the workshop space is limited. Contact Theodore Panayotou, Prog. Dir., Inst. Intl. Develop., Harvard Univ., One Eliot St., Cambridge MA 02138 (tel: 617-495-9173; fax: 617-496-3956).

Event #d95cal95

Workshop on Methods for Assessing Greenhouse Gas Mitigation for Countries with Economies in Transition, June 13-16, 1995, Warsaw, Poland. Organized by the U.S. Country Studies Program, in conjunction with the OECD and the IPCC. Policy makers, experts and others from countries in the region will participate. A formal proceedings will be published containing papers prepared in advance; experts interested in submitting papers on the topic should send abstracts by April 10. Contact Mirka della Cava, Lawrence Berkeley Labs., 1250 Maryland Ave. SW, S. 150, Washington DC 20024 (tel: 202 484 0887; fax: 202 484 0888; e-mail:

Event #d95cal96

ACCESS III: Atmospheric Chemistry Colloquium for Emerging Senior Scientists, June 15-17, 1995, Upton, N.Y. Sponsored by U.S. Dept. Energy et al. Will foster interaction among recent Ph.D.s and doctoral candidates with scientists from the principal federal agencies that fund atmospheric chemistry research. Participants will receive support for this conference and the Gordon Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry (June 18-23). Submit applications by Mar. 15, 1995 to: L. Newman, ACCESS, Environ. Chem. Div., Bldg. 426, Brookhaven Natl. Lab, Upton NY 11973 (e-mail: (See advertisement in Eos, p.12, Jan. 10, 1995.)

Event #d95cal97

88th Annual Meeting and Exhibition Air and Waste Management Association: Global Environmental Management and Initiatives, June 18-23, 1995, San Antonio, Tex. The preliminary program lists sessions on chemistry and global change, sustainable development, and international air issues. Obtain information from Air & Waste Management Assoc., One Gateway Ctr., Third Fl., Pittsburgh PA 15222 (tel: 412 232 3444; fax: 412 232 3450).

Event #d95cal98

Atmospheric Chemistry, June 18-23, 1995, Newport, Rhode Island. A Gordon Research Conference chaired by S.E. Schwartz and L. Newman, both at Brookhaven Natl. Lab., Upton NY 11973. Polar stratospheric clouds and climate influences of aerosols are among several topics to be covered. Poster presentations are welcomed. Or request information from Gordon Res. Conf., Univ. Rhode Island, POB 984, W. Kingston RI 02892 (tel: 401 783 4011; fax: 401 783 7644; e-mail: (See Science, p. 716 ff., Feb. 3, 1995.)

Event #d95cal99

Sixth International Meeting on Statistical Climatology, June 19-23, 1995, Galway, Ireland. The principal theme will be climate variability on all time scales and climate prediction on time scales of one week to one year. Special sessions are expected on ENSO forecasting, climate change detection, ensemble forecasting, extreme value analysis, and spatial statistics. Abstracts are due Dec. 16, 1994 to: Iognaid O'Muircheartaigh, Dept. Math., Univ. College, Galway, Ireland (tel: 353-91-75-0389; fax: 353-91-25-700; e-mail: (See Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., p. 159, Jan. 1994.)

Event #d95cal100

Second UNAM-CRAY Super-computing Conference: Numerical Simulations in the Environmental and Earth Sciences, June 21-24, 1995, Mexico City, Mexico. Sponsored by Natl. Free Univ. Mexico et al. Will discuss results obtained in modeling environmental processes over the last decade and explore future develop-ments. The abstract deadline is Nov. 30, 1994. Contact E. Daltabuit, DGSCA-UNAM, Ciudad Univ., 04510, Mexico, D.F. (tel: 525-622-85-28; fax: 525-622-85-40; e-mail:

Event #d95cal101

Global Future '95, June 22-25, 1995, London, U.K. Contact John Talbot, Environ. Events Ltd., Church House, Solihull Rd., Hampton-in-Arden, Solihull, W. Midlands B92 0EX, UK (tel: 44 1675 443 066; fax: 44 1675 443 080).

Event #d95cal102

Water Resources and Environmental Hazards: Emphasis on Hydrologic and Cultural Insight in the Pacific Rim, June 25-28 1995, Honolulu, Hawaii. The 1995 summer symposium of the Amer. Water Resour. Assoc. Will include field seminars and poster and oral sessions. Natural and human-induced hazards, collecting hydrologic data, land use practices, impacts of laws on sustainability of water resources are among the topics. Contact Raymond Herrmann, Natl. Biol. Survey, Colorado State Univ., Ft. Collins CO 80523 (303-491-7825).

Event #d95cal103

10th Pacific Rim Coal Conference, June 26-28, 1995, Monterey, Calif. Contact Loretta Pelofsky (tel: 908 254 6930; fax: 908 254 6812); or Pacific Rim Coal Conf., POB 6207, E. Brunswick NJ 08816.

Event #d95cal104

Past and Future Rapid Environmental Changes: The Spatial and Evolutionary Responses of Terrestrial Biota, June 26-30, 1995, Perthshire, U.K. A NATO Advanced Research Workshop. Contact B. Huntley, Dept. Biol. Sci., Durham Univ., South Rd., Durham DH1 3LE, UK (fax: 44 91 374 2432; e-mail:

Event #d95cal105

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Working Group II: Third Session, June 26-29, 1995, Geneva, Switz. Contact IPCC Secretariat, World Meteor. Organiz., CP 2300, CH-1211 Geneva 2, Switz. (tel: 41 22 830 8215; fax: 41 22 733 1270).

Event #d95cal106

5th International Conference on Acidic Deposition Science and Policy, Gothenburg, Sweden, June 26-30, 1995. For the first and future circulars contact "Acid Reign '95?," Swedish Exhibiton Ctr., Svenska M?ssan, Box 5222, S-402 24 Gothenburg, Swed.

Event #d95cal107

Symposium on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Mitigation Research, June 27-29, 1995, Washington, D.C. Sponsored by Air & Energy Eng. Res. Lab. (US EPA), and Acurex Environ. Corp. Will cover national and international activities, emissions databases, methane and carbon dioxide mitigation technologies, biomass utilization technologies, and advanced renewable and efficient energy technologies. For technical information contact Keith Fritsky, Global Warming Control (MD 63), AEERL, US EPA, Res. Triangle Pk. NC 27711 (tel: 919 541 7979; fax: 919 541 2382). Conference fee is reduced for reservations received before May 15. Contact Sue Philpott, Acurex Environ. Corp., POB 13109, Res. Triangle Pk. NC 27709 (tel: 919 544 4535; fax: 919 544 5690).

Event #d95cal108

Coring for Global Change, June 28-30, 1995, Kiel, Ger. Contact Ute Brennwald, GEOMAR, Res. Ctr. for Marine Geosci., C. Albrechts Univ., Wischhofstr. 1-3, 24148 Kiel, Ger. (tel: 49 431 7202 138; fax: 49 431 725391; e-mail:

JULY 1995

Event #d95cal109

International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics XXI General Assembly, July 2-14, 1995, Boulder, Colo. Abstracts on any topic related to geophysics will be accepted, including on geodesy, atmospheric physics and chemistry, oceanography, and hydrological sciences. A call for papers has been issued; abstracts are due Feb. 1, 1995. For details, contact IUGG XII Gen. Assembly, c/o AGU, 2000 Florida Ave. NW, Washington DC 20009 (tel: 202-462-6900; fax: 202-328-0566; e-mail:

Event #d95cal110

Clouds, Convection and Land Surface Processes, July 3-7, 1995, Boulder, Colorado. A joint IAHS/ IAMAS Symposium held in con-junction with IUGG XXI. (See Global Climate Change Digest, Aug. 1994, for details on IUGG XXI.) Addresses topics that will improve parameterization of sub-grid processes in global atmospheric models. Results from GEWEX and BAHC will be presented. Obtain information from John Schaake, Natl. Weather Serv. (W/OHx2), 1325 East West Hwy., Silver Spring MD 20910 (fax: 304-713-1051). Abstracts for oral or poster presentations are due Feb. 1, 1995. Contact AGU, 2000 Florida Ave. NW, Washington DC 20009 (tel: 202-462-6900; fax: 202-328-0566). (See Eos, Apr. 5, 1994.)

Event #d95cal111

Climatic Variability and Forcing over the Past Millennium, July 3-8, 1995, Boulder, Colorado. Included will be papers on natural variations, as well as changes induced by natural forcing and human activities. Among the issues to be addressed are the extent to which natural and human influences can be distinguished over the past 200 years, and the implications of these findings for distinguishing future anthropogenic and natural climatic changes. Contact Michael MacCracken, USGCRP Off., 300 D St. SW, S. 840, Washington DC 20024.

Event #d95cal112

Into the Twenty-First Century: Harmonizing Energy Policy, Environment and Economic Growth--18th Annual International Conference of the International Association for Energy Economics, July 5-8, 1995, Washington, D.C. Will consist of plenary sessions and concurrent panels on such topics as robust policies for the next century; energy conservation--how much and at what cost; world energy markets; markets for renewables. Suggestions of additional session topics are welcome. Abstracts are due Dec. 1, 1994, to: David Williams, IAEE, 28790 Chagrin Blvd., S. 210, Cleveland OH 44122 (tel/fax: 216-464-5365).

Event #d95cal113

Regional Workshop on Assessing Greenhouse Gas Mitigation for Latin American Countries, July 10-13, 1995, Cancun, Mexico. Organized by the U.S. Country Studies Program, the Instituto Nacional de Ecologie of Mexico et al. (For general information, see preceding entry.) Contact Beth Goldberg, Lawrence Berkeley Lab., 1 Cyclotron Rd., MS 90-4000, Berkeley CA 94720 (tel: 510 486 5872; fax: 510 486 6996; e-mail:,); or Carlos Gay, Unidad de Cooperacion y Conveno Intl., Rio Elba 20, Piso 14, Col. Cuauhtemoc, 06500 Mexico D.F. (tel: 553 99 69; fax: 553 97 53).

Event #d95cal114

Second International Aerosol Symposium, July 10-14, 1995, Moscow, Russia. Emission control and climatology are among the topics. Abstracts are due May 1 to: V. Merkulovich (tel & fax: 7 095 147 4361; e-mail:

Event #d95cal115

ECOS '95: Efficiency, Costs, Optimization, Simulation and Environ-mental Impact of Energy Systems, July 11-14, 1995, Istanbul, Turkey. Organized by Istanbul Tech. Univ. et al. One of a series of meetings that have been held at various locations worldwide beginning in 1987. Obtain information from or submit ab-stracts to: Y. G?g?s, FBE School of Natural & Appl. Sci., Middle East Tech. Univ., TR-06531 Ankara, Turkey (tel: ++90-312-2101000/2596; fax: ++90-312-2101113).

Event #d95cal116

Atmospheric Aerosols: A New IGAC Focus, July 12-13, 1995, Boulder, Colo. Sponsored by the Intl. Global Atmos. Chem. Project, and held as part of the XXI IUGG General Assembly (see Prev. Announced, above). Will provide the first opportunity for international discussion of the merger, scientific objectives and organizational structure of the International Global Aerosol Program with the IGAC. Contact A. Pszenny, IGAC, Bldg. 24-409, Mass. Inst. Technol., Cambridge MA 02139 (fax: 617 253 9886; e-mail:

Event #d95cal117

Solar 95, July 15-20, 1995, Minneapolis, Minn. Includes the 24th American Solar Energy Society Annual Conference, and the 20th National Passive Solar Conference. Will emphasize practical, cost-effective applications. Contact Amer. Solar Energy Soc., 2400 Central Ave. G-1, Boulder CO 80301 (tel: 303-443-3130; fax: 303-443-3212). Solar 96 will take place in April 1996 in Asheville, N.C.

Event #d95cal118

Energy Models for Policy and Planning, July 18-20, 1995, London, U.K. Contact Derek Bunn, London Business Sch., Sussex Pl., Regent's Pk., London NW1 4SA, UK (tel: 44 0 71 724 7875).

Event #d95cal119

Shaping the Environmental Agenda for the 21st Century: International Conference, July 19-21, 1995, Aberdeen, U.K. Will focus on the roles of several sectors in formulating and implementing sound environmental policy, on environmental issues in developing countries, and on cost-effective solutions to environmental problems. Contact Ctr. Environ. Mgmt. & Planning, AURIS Business Ctr., 23 St. Machar Dr., Aberdeen AB2 1RY, UK (tel: 44 1 224 272483; fax: 44 1 224 487658).

Event #d95cal120

International Symposium on Environment and Biometeorology, July 20-22, 1995, Beijing, China. Spon-sored by the Intl. Soc. Biometeor. et al. Paper topics include climate and climate change with respect to humans, animals, plants, sustainable agriculture, and forestry; desertification; biogeo-chemical fluxes; UV radiation; ozone. Abstracts are due Jan. 15, 1995, to: Ping Qian, Inst. Agrometeor., CAAS, 30 Baishiqiao Rd., Beijing 100081, China (fax: 86-1-831-6545). Another contact is N.N. Barthakur, McGill Univ., Montreal PQ H3A 2K6, Can. (tel: 514-398-7938; fax: 514-398-7990). See Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., p. 1738, Sep. 1994.

Event #d95cal121

Third International Symposium on Air-Water Gas Transfer, July 24-27, 1995, Heidelberg, Ger. Processes in natural systems are being emphasized. Topics include ocean surface chemistry, global modeling of air-sea fluxes of various species, and laboratory and field measurements of air-water gas transfer. Abstracts are due Jan. 20, 1995. Contact B. J?hne, Scripps Inst. Oceanog., La Jolla CA 92093 (e-mail:

Event #d95cal122

Western Fuels Association Annual Energy Conference, July 26-27, 1995, Baton Rouge, La. Will include a panel discussion on global climate change. Contact Patti Culhane, Western Fuels Assoc., 1625 M St. NW, Washington DC 20036 (202 463 6580).

Event #d95cal123

Asia-Pacific Renewable Energy Symposium '95, July 26-28, 1995, Sydney, Australia. Will emphasize implementation. Contact Meetings Manager, POB N542, Grosvenor Pl., New South Wales 2000, Australia (tel: 61 2 241 2955; fax: 61 2 241 5354; e-mail:

Event #d95cal124

Climate Change, Biodiversity and Boreal Forest Ecosystems, July 30-Aug. 5, 1995, Joensuu, Finland. Sponsored by Intl. Boreal Forest Res. Assoc. Topics include the role of boreal forests in controlling global greenhouse gas cycles and global climate; the dynamics of boreal forest ecosystems in relation to climate change; predicting impacts of global climate on boreal forests; examining biodiversity in these forests. Contact Timo Karjalainen, Forestry Faculty, Univ. Joensuu, POB 11, FIN-80101 Joensuu, Finland (tel: 358 73 151 3639; fax: 358 73 151 3590; e-mail:

Event #d95cal125

The Second International Conference on New Energy Systems and Conversions, July 31-Aug. 4, 1995, Istanbul, Turkey. Will address the foundation of the International Center for Hydrogen Energy Technologies, approved by the U.N. Industrial Development Organization. Conference topics include hydrogen, solar-hydrogen, and renewable energy systems; comparison, modeling, and economic assessments of these systems; future prospects. For information or to submit an abstract: Kongresist, Intl. Convention Mgmt. Inc., Elmadag Cumhuriyet Cad. 193/6, 80230 Istanbul, Turkey (tel: 90 212 246 2249; fax: 90 212 233 7678).


Event #d95cal126

ACEEE 1995 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry, Aug. 1-4, 1995, Grand Island (near Buffalo), N.Y. Will discuss technical, policy and program issues related to increasing industrial energy efficiency, particularly for the food processing, pulp and paper, chemicals and fabricated metal products industries. Contact Katherine Gallagher, ACEEE (Amer. Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy), 2140 Shattuck Ave., S. 202, Berkeley CA 94704 (tel: 510-549-9914; fax: 510-549-9984).

Event #d95cal127

International Union for Quaternary Research: XIV International Congress, Aug. 3-10, 1995, Berlin, Germany. The theme is: from the past through the present to the future. Contact Burkhard Frenzel, Inst. Botanik, Univ. Hohenheim 210, D-70593 Stuttgart, Ger. (tel: 49 711 2194; fax: 49 711 3355; e-mail:

Event #d95cal128

International Association of the Physical Sciences of the Oceans (IAPSO)-XXI General Assembly, Aug. 5-12, 1995, Honolulu, Hawaii. Sponsored by IAPSO, European Geophys. Soc. et al. Among the topics are large-scale ocean circulation, decadal and interdecadal variations in the oceans, and CO2 in the oceans. Contact D.S. Luther, Dept. Oceanog., Univ. Hawaii-Manoa, 1000 Pope Rd., MSB 307, Honolulu HI 96822 (tel: 808 956 5875; fax: 808 956 9165; e-mail:

Event #d95cal129

IUFRO XX World Conference, Aug. 6-12, 1995, Tampere, Finland. Will have the theme, "Caring for the Forest: Research in a Changing World." An expected topic is the impacts of elevated CO2 and temperatures on tree physiology. Abstracts are due Feb. 15, 1994 to: Howard B. Kriebel, Agric. Res. Ctr., Ohio State Univ., 1680 Madison Ave., Wooster OH 44691 (tel: 216-263-3783; fax: 216-263-3658).

Event #d95cal130

Environmental Effects of Biomass Crop Production, Aug. 7-8, 1995, Oak Ridge, Tenn. Sponsored by U.S. Dept. Energy et al. Contact Virginia Tolbert, Oak Ridge Natl. Lab., POB 2008, Oak Ridge TN 37831 (tel: 615 574 7288; fax: 615 576 8143; e-mail:

Event #d95cal131

Global Changes and Geography, Aug. 14-18, 1995, Moscow, Russia. Organized by the International Geographical Union. The scientific program will include sessions, symposia and reports of the IGU commissions and groups; national reports; sessions sponsored by national and international institutions; lectures; poster presentation. To be conducted in English and French without translations. The second circular will be available in August. Abstracts are due Dec. 15, 1994. Contact V.V. Annenkov, Secretary General IGU Conf., Inst. Geography, Moscow 109017, Russia (fax: 7-095-230-2090; telex: 411 781 GLOBE SU).

Event #d95cal132

IGU Conference on Global Changes and Geography, Aug. 14-18, 1995, Moscow, Russia. In English and French with no translation. For general information contact V.V. Annenkov, Secy. Gen. IGU Conf., Inst. Geography, Moscow 109017, Russia (fax: 7-095-230). Also proposed is a meeting on Natural and Human Induced Processes in the Coastal Zone Related to Sea Level Rise. Contact Yuri Dolotov, Dept. Oceanology, Russian Acad. Sci., Leninsky Prospect 14, 117901 Moscow, V-71 Russia (tel: 7-095-938-06-10; fax: 7-095-938-1844).

Event #d95cal133

International Energy & Environment Congress '95, Aug. 16-17, 1995, Richmond, Va. Contact Info. Services, Assoc. Energy Eng., 4025 Pleasantdale Rd., S. 420, Atlanta GA 30340 (tel: 404 447 5083; fax: 404 446 3969).

Event #d95cal134

210th American Chemical Society National Meeting, Aug. 20-24, 1995, Chicago, Ill. The Division of Environmental Chemistry will hold a session on post-CFC cleaning technologies. Contact ACS, 1155 16th St. NW, Washington DC 20036. See Chem. Eng. News, p. 44 ff., June 19, 1995.

Event #d95cal135

Second Biomass Conference of the Americas: Energy, Environment, Agriculture and Industry, Aug. 21-24, 1995, Portland, Ore. Contact Dori Nielsen, Conferences, Natl. Renewable Energy Lab., 1617 Cole Blvd., Golden CO 80401 (tel: 303 275 4350; fax: 303 275 4320; internet:

Event #d95cal136

International Conference on Long-Term Changes of Large Water Bodies, Aug. 22-25, 1995, Visby, Sweden. Sponsored by UNESCO et al. Will focus on brackish and freshwater bodies and their catchments in the temperate region, including predictions of future changes. Contact L. Andersson, IHP/IAWQ Intl. Con-ference, Dept. Water & Environ. Studies, Linkvping Univ., S-581 83 Linkvping, Swed. (e-mail:

Event #d95cal137

Greenhouse Gases: Mitigation Options, Aug. 22-25, 1995, London, U.K. Contact P. Riemer, IEA Greenhouse Gas Prog., CRE, Stoke Orchard, Sheltenham, Glos, LG52 4RZ, UK (tel: 44 1 242 680753); fax: 44 1 242 680758; e-mail:

Event #d95cal138

International Conference on Past, Present and Future Climate, Aug. 22-25, 1995, Helsinki, Finland. Will focus on Europe and high latitudes, including climate change since the last glaciation, detecting climate changes from the instrumental record, changes in atmospheric composition, and predicting future climate. Contact Pirkko Heikinheimo, Acad. Finland, POB 57, FIN-00551 Helsinki, Finland (tel: 358 0 7748 8338; fax: 258 0 7748 8299; e-mail:

Event #d95cal139

Environment Northern Seas (ENS) 95, Aug. 22-25, 1995, Stavanger, Norway. This third conference and exhibition will include sessions on energy and sustainable development. Contact ENS, POB 410, 4001 Stavanger, Norway (tel: 47 51 55 8100; fax: 47 51 55 1015).

Event #d95cal140

Regional Workshop on Assessing Greenhouse Gas Mitigation for African Countries, Aug. 28-31, 1995, Arusha, Tanzania. Organized by the U.S. Country Studies Program, Tanzania's Center for Energy, Environment, Science and Technology (CEEST) et al. (For general information, see June 12-16 entry, above.) Abstracts are due May 12 to: Steve Meyers, Lawrence Berkeley Lab., 1 Cyclotron Rd., MS 90-4000, Berkeley CA 94720 (tel: 510 486 6941; fax: 510 486 6996; e-mail: The contact in Africa is: Wilfred Kipoodya, CEEST, POB 5511, 1372 Karume Rd., Oysterbay, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania (tel: 255 51 67569; fax: 255 5138 66079; e-mail:


Event #d95cal141

XII International Symposium on Environmental Biogeochemistry: Biosphere and Atmospheric Changes, Sep. 4-8, 1995, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Will address the biological effects of global climate change and the impact of climate change on the environment, as well as the role of alternative energy sources in reducing CO2 emissions. Contact R. Oremland, USGS, 345 Middlefield Rd., Menlo Pk. CA 94025. (fax: 415-329-4463; e-mail:; or Luis H. Melges-Figueiredo, Inst. Geoci., Rua Sao Francisco Xavier 524, S. 4023B, Rio de Janeiro, RJ 20550-013, Brazil (tel: +55 21 220 2305; fax: +55 21 284 5033; e-mail:

Event #d95cal142

Third International Conference on Modeling of Global Climate Change and Variability, Sep. 4-8, 1995, Hamburg, Ger. Sponsored by Amer. Meteor. Soc. et al. Invited contributions will focus on development of comprehensive climate models; modeling atmospheric chemistry; modeling natural climate variability; and prediction, detection and specification of anthropogenic climate change. Contact Lydia Dumenil, Max-Planck Inst. Meteor., Bundesstr. 55, D-20146 Hamburg, Ger. (tel: 49 40 41173 310; fax: 49 40 41173 366).

Event #d95cal143

The Stratosphere and Its Role in the Climate System, Sep. 4-15, 1995, Val Morin, Quebec, Canada. A NATO Advanced Study Institute. Contact G.P. Brasseur, NCAR, POB 3000, Boulder CO 80307 (fax: 303-497-1415; e-mail:

Event #d95cal144

ISES 1995: In Search of the Sun, Sep. 9-12, 1995, Harare, Zimbabwe. Contact Intl. Solar Energy Soc., Solar World Congress, POB MP 119, Harare, Zimbabwe.

Event #d95cal145

How to Manage Hazardous Solvents in the Workplace, Sep. 11-13, 1995, Chicago, Ill. Will include a session on the replacement of ozone depleting solvents, and discuss U.S. regulation of these substances. Contact Jennifer Winch, Intertech Corp., 411 U.S. Rte. One, Portland ME 04105 (tel: 207 781 9800; fax: 207 781 2150).

Event #d95cal146

HIGHEST-95 (Workshop on Climatic Change at High Elevation Sites), Sept. 11-15, 1995, Wengen, Switz. Will call attention to, and highlight the value of, the unique, high elevation geophysical records around the world. Will also look at climatic trends these records may contain and compare them to other records. Contact H.F. Diaz, NOAA/ERL/CDC 325 Broadway, Boulder CO 80303 (e-mail:

Event #d95cal147

Regional Workshop on Climate Variability and Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation, Sep. 11-16, 1995, Prague, Czech Republic. Organized by the U.S. Country Studies Program, the Czech Academy of Sciences et al. (For general information, see June 12-16 entry, above.) Contact Neeloo Bhatti, Argonne Natl. Lab. (DIS/900), 9700 S. Cass Ave., Argonne IL 60439 (tel: 708 252 6595; fax: 708 252 6073; e-mail:; or Ivana Nemesova, Inst. Atmos. Phys., Bocni II-1401, 14131 Prague 4, Czech Rep. (tel: 42 2 769703; fax: 42 2 763745; e-mail:

Event #d95cal148

WORLD '95: World Environmental Conference, Sep. 17-22, 1995, London, Ontario, Canada. Will cover environmental science, technology and business issues to stimulate interaction among a broad audience and to transcend barriers. Among the topics are: policy, education, cooperation among universities, governments and industries, global warming, international environmental markets, trade. Abstracts and early registrations are due May 31, 1995. Contact Hussain Al-Ekabi, Sci. & Technol. Integration Inc., UWO Research Pk., 100 Collip Cir., S. 110, London ON N6G 4X8, Can. (tel: 519-858-5055; fax: 519-858-5056).

Event #d95cal149

Third Thematic Conference on Remote Sensing for Marine and Coastal Environments, Sep. 18-20, 1995, Seattle, Wash. An announcement and call for papers is available. Will cover ocean surface current measurements, satellite oceanography, data integration and interpretation, new sensors and systems, and other topics. Submit abstracts by Jan. 30, 1995, to: Marine Environment Conference, ERIM, POB 134001, Ann Arbor MI 48113 (tel: 313-994-1200, ext. 3453; fax: 313-994-5123; internet: rrogers@

Event #d95cal150

Global Change, Local Challenge: Third Scientific Conference on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change Program, Sep. 20-22, 1995, Geneva, Switz. Contact Intl. Conference Ctr., HDP, 11A av. de la Paris, CH 1202 Geneva, Switz. (tel: 41 22 733 2002; fax: 41 22 733 3049; e-mail:

Event #d95cal151

Third USA/CIS Joint Conference on Environmental Hydrology and Hydrogeology, Sep. 22-27, 1995, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Will cover the arid zone, the International Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment and other topics. Abstracts are due Sep. 19 to: Amer. Inst. Hydrol., 3416 University Ave. SE, Minneapolis MN 55414 (tel: 612 379 1030; fax: 612 379 0169; e-mail:

Event #d95cal152

Global Change and Ecological Complexity Workshop, Sep. 24-27, 1995, Minneapolis, Minn. On the development and implementation of a research plan for GCTE Focus 4, that will determine how global changes in environment and land use will alter the relationships among ecological complexity, ecosystem structure and ecosystem function, on scales ranging from genetic and species diversity to landscape diversity. Contact Nancy Larson, Dept. Ecology, 1987 Upper Buford Circ., Univ. Minnesota, St. Paul MN 55108 (tel: 612 625 5740; fax: 612 624 6777; e-mail:; Will Steffen, GCTE Core Proj. Off., Div. Wildlife & Ecol., CSIRO, POB 84, Lyneham 2602, Australia (tel: 61 6 242 1755; fax: 61 6 241 2362; e-mail:

Event #d95cal153

Land Satellite Information in the Next Decade, Sep. 25-28, 1995, Vienna, Va. Sponsored by the Amer. Soc. for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing et al. Will address systems from around the world having resolutions of 30 meters and finer to provide the best possible understanding of the potential state of land remote sensing into the next decade. Contact ASPRS, 5410 Grosvenor Lane, S. 210, Bethesda MD 20841 (tel: 301 493 0290; fax: 301 493 0208; e-mail:

Event #d95cal154

Regional Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory and Mitigation for Asian Countries, Sep. 25-29, 1995, Seoul, Korea. Organized by the U.S. Country Studies Program, the Korea Energy Economics Institute et al. (For general information, see June 12-16 entry, above.) Abstracts are due May 31 to: Steve Meyers (see Aug. 28-41 entry). The contact in Korea is: Hoesung Lee, Korea Energy Econ. Inst., 665-1 Naeson-Dong, Euwang-Si, Kyunggi-Do, Korea (tel: 82 343 21 0681; fax: 82 343 22 4958).

Event #d95cal155

First GAIM [Global Analysis, Interpretation and Modeling] Science Conference, Sep. 25-29, 1995, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. GAIM is an activity of the Intl. Geosphere-Biosphere Prog. This meeting will focus on: analyzing current models and data; interpreting the capability of current models and experimental programs against the demands for knowledge; and synthesizing understanding of the global biogeochemical cycles and their links to the hydrological cycle. Abstracts are due before May 1, 1995, to: IGBP Secretariat, Inst. Meteor., Freie Univ., C.H. Becker Weg 6-10, 12165 Berlin, Ger. For information contact Berrien Moore III, Inst. Study of Earth Oceans & Space, Morse Hall, Univ. New Hampshire, 39 College Rd., Durham NH 03824 (tel: 603-862-1766; fax: 603-862-1915; e-mail:

Event #d95cal156

Air Pollution 95, Sep. 26-28, 1995, Porto Carras, Greece. The third international conference, organized by the Wessex Inst. Technol. et al. Will emphasize developing experimental and computational techniques for solving and understanding practical air pollution problems. Global studies is one of the conference themes. Abstracts for papers are due Dec. 16, 1994, to: Liz Kerr, Wessex Inst. Technol., Ashurst Lodge, Ashurst, Southampton SO40 7AA, UK (tel: 44-0-703-293-223; fax: 44-0-703-292-853; intl. e-mail:

Event #d95cal157

Latin American Studies Association XIX International Congress, Sep. 28-30, 1995, Washington, D.C. Will contain a special session on environmental policy in Latin America that will focus on cooperation and conflicts among policymakers, international organizations such as the World Bank, and nongovernmental organizations. Contact LASA 95 Prog., 190 Uris Hall, Cornell Univ., Ithaca NY 14853 (fax: 607 255 8919; e-mail:


Event #d95cal158

Solar Ultraviolet Radiation Modeling, Measurements and Effects, Oct. 2-12, 1995, Thessaloniki, Greece. A NATO Advanced Study Institute. Contact C.S. Zerefos, Lab. Atmos. Phys., Univ. Thessaloniki, 54006 Thessaloniki, Greece (tel: 30 31 9980412; fax: 30 31 283752; e-mail:

Event #d95cal159

Effective Financing of Environmentally Sustainable Development [ESD], Oct. 4-6, 1995, Washington, D.C. (See next paragraph for additional events.) The third World Bank Conference, will precede the World Bank's Annual Meetings to take place the second week of October. Panel discussions will cover topics like effective financing of environmentally sustainable development, tradable permit schemes for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, energy and environment, financing global environmental agreements, financing forestry and biodiversity, internalizing environmental costs. Contact 1995 ESD Conference, Vice President of ESD, The World Bank, 1818 H St. NW, Rm. S-4061, Washington DC 20433 (tel: 202 473 9361; fax: 202 522 3244; e-mail:

Several associated events will take place from Oct. 1-9. Ethics and Spiritual Values and the Promotion of Environmentally Sustainable Development, Oct. 2-3, will examine the role of values and beliefs in development, and work toward consensus. Contact Ctr. for Respect of Life and Environment, 2100 L St. NW, Washington D.C. (tel: 202 778 6133; fax: 202 778 6120). Also: Taking Nature into Account; contact David Reed, World Wildlife Fund (202 293 4800); Earth Council: Servicing Innovative Financing for Environmentally Sustainable Development; contact Alicia Barcena (506 223 3418); Socratic Dialogue-Dealing with Global Externalities (invitation only); contact Joan Martin-Brown, The World Bank (202 473 2310); The Self and the Other: Cultural Changes in Modernizing Societies (invitation only); contact Eveling Bermudez, The World Bank (202 473 1421).

Event #d95cal160

Energy for Our Common World--16th WEC Congress, Oct. 8-13, 1995, Tokyo, Japan. A triennial event organized by the World Energy Council that attracts over 5,000 delegates from more than 100 countries. Will cover improving energy access for the developing world, rational use of energy, energy and environmental matters following the Earth Summit. The general program has been published, listing technical sessions, technical tours, and numerous post-Congress tours. Immediately preceding the Congress, Oct. 7, is the Grand Solar Challenge International Symposium 1995. Contact WEC Tokyo Committee, Shuwa Kamiyacho Bldg., 4-3-13 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105, Japan (tel: 813-3437-4727; fax: 813-3437-4678).

Event #d95cal161

International R&D Conference-Water and Energy 2001: Needs, Development, Utilization, Oct. 9-12, 1995, New Delhi, India. Contact C.V.J. Varma, Central Board of Irrigation and Power, Malcha Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021, India (tel: 91 11 3015984; fax: 91 11 3016347).

Event #d95cal162

Oceans '95 MTS/IEEE: Challenges of Our Changing Global Environment, Oct. 9-12, 1995, San Diego, Calif. Sponsored by the Oceanic Eng. Soc. et al. Submit abstracts by June 1 to: R. Wernli, 11775 La Colina Rd., San Diego CA 92131 (619 553 1948).

Event #d95cal163

Fourth International Energy Efficiency and DSM Conference, Oct. 9-12, 1995, Berlin, Ger. "The Global Challenge" is the conference theme. Contact SRC Intl., 111 Presidential Blvd., S. 127, Bala Cynwyd PA 19004 (tel: 610-667-2160; fax: 610-667-5593).

Event #d95cal164

WMO-IGAC Conference on the Measurement and Assessment of Atmospheric Composition and Change, Oct. 9-13, 1995, Beijing, China. Sponsored by the World Meteorological Organization et al. Will review the progress made under the Global Atmosphere Watch and IGAC Project to assess worldwide change of atmospheric composition. Topics will include biogeochemical cycles; sources, sinks and global budgets of important atmospheric constituents; ozone changes. Abstracts are due Apr. 30, 1995 to: Environ. Div., AREP, WMO, 41 Ave. Guiseppi Motta, CH 1211 Geneva 2, Switz. (tel: 41 22 730 8454; fax: 41 22 740 0984; e-mail:

Event #d95cal165

GLOBESCOPE '95: Making America Sustainable, Oct. 10-14, 1995, Washington, D.C. Will link economic progress, environmental quality and social equity; facilitate discussions on sustainable development with national leaders; evaluate model projects in various sectors; provide training on sustainable development applications; assess U.S. responses to the Earth Summit. Contact Global Tomorrow Coalition, 1325 G. St. NW, S. 1010, Washington DC 20005.

Event #d95cal166

Fifth International Conference on Paleoceanography, Oct. 10-14, 1995, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Will examine the role of paleoceanographic linkages in the global system, including ice cores and their links to atmosphere, ocean and climate; modeling; stratigraphies and time scales--the unifying link; new tools and proxies to link past and present. Contact Trudy Lewis, ICP-V, Richmond Terminal, Pier 9, 3295 Barrington St., Halifax NS B3K 5X8, Can.

Event #d95cal167

The Emission Inventory: Programs & Progress, Oct. 11-13, 1995, Res. Triangle Pk., N.C. Sponsored by the Air & Waste Mgmt. Assoc. and the U.S. Environ. Protect. Agency to address the development, uses and improvement of emission inventories for issues such as global climate, biogenic emissions, stationary sources, and international programs. Contact Air & Waste Management Assoc., One Gateway Ctr., Third Fl., Pittsburgh PA 15222 (tel: 412 232 3444; fax: 412 232 3450; e-mail:

Event #d95cal168

Annex 22 Workshop on Natural Refrigerants, Oct. 16-18, 1995, Trondheim, Norway. Contact IEA Heat Pump Ctr., POB 17, 6130 AA Sittard, Neth. (tel: 31 46 595 236; fax: 31 46 510 389; e-mail:

Event #d95cal169

Climate Dynamics and the Global Change Perspective, Oct. 17-20, 1995, Cracow, Poland. Topics include climate detection and climate modeling. Contact Barbara Obrebska-Starklowa, Inst. Geog., Jagiellonian Univ., ul. Grodzka 64, PL-31-044 Cracow, Pol. (tel: 48 12 22 30 56; fax: 48 12 22 55 78; e-mail:

Event #d95cal170

Asian Municipal Leaders' Summit on Climate Change, Oct. 22-25, 1995, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. Contact Intl. Council Local Environ. Studies, City Hall (8th Fl., East Tower), Toronto ON M5H 2N2, Can. (tel: 416 392 1462; fax: 416 392 1478).

Event #d95cal171

Fourth Scientific Advisory Council for the IGBP [SAC IV] and ICSU Global Change Forum, Oct. 22-27, 1995, Beijing, China. Will address "Natural and Anthropogenic Changes: Impacts on Global Biogeochemical Cycles," covering history, changes in land use and mobilization rates of important gases, effects of changes for biogeochemical cycles, and overview of Asian change and global change. Contact SAC IV, IGBP Secretariat, Royal Swed. Acad. Sci., Box 50005, S-104 05, Stockholm, Swed. (tel: 46 8 16 64 46; fax: 46 8 16 64 05; e-mail:

Event #d95cal172

International CFC and Halon Alternatives Conference and Exhibition, Oct. 23-25, 1995, Washington, D.C. Sponsored by the Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Policy et al. Will focus on technology and policy concerning ozone depleting compounds and their alternatives including CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs, halons, methyl chloroform, methyl bromide. Will also include the U.S. EPA's annual Stratospheric Ozone Protection Awards. The complete program is available from Halon Alternatives Conf., POB 236, Frederick MD 21701 (fax: 301 695 0175).

Event #d95cal173

Asian Change in the Context of Global Change-Natural and Anthropogenic Changes: Impacts on Global Biogeochemical Cycles, Oct. 23-25, 1995, Beijing, China. To be held in conjunction with the Fourth Scientific Advisory Council for the IGBP [SAC IV] and ICSU Global Change Forum. Topics will include processes that mobilize, transform, transport and sequester carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur (CONPS); and environmental processes that are affected by their increased concentrations. Contact IGBP Secretariat, Royal Swed. Acad. Sci., Box 50005, S-104 05, Stockholm, Swed. (tel: 46 8 16 64 48; fax: 46 8 16 64 05; e-mail:

Event #d95cal174

Second International Symposium on CO2 Fixation and Efficient Utilization of Energy, Oct. 23-25, 1995, Tokyo 152, Japan. Contact Ken Okazaki, Res. Ctr. for Carbon Recycling & Utilization, 2-12 1 O-okayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan (tel: 81 3 5734 3335; fax: 81 3 5499 3974).

Event #d95cal175

20th Annual Climate Diagnostics Workshop, Oct. 23-27, 1995, Seattle, Washington. Sponsored by NOAA's Climate Prediction Center and the Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean. Will focus on reanalysis data for climate studies; coupled model diagnostic studies; climate prediction; and preliminary results from GEWEX-CIP and PACS programs. Contact David Rodenhuis, Clim. Prediction Ctr., W/NMC5 Washington DC 20233 (fax: 301 763 8395; e-mail: See Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., p. 998, June 1995.

Event #d95cal176

Ocean and Atmosphere Pacific, Oct. 23-27, 1995, Adelaide, S. Australia. Sponsored by the Australian Intl. Develop. Assist. Bur. Will report on recent findings of the South Pacific Sea Level and Climate Monitoring Project, and also focus on climate and sea level, global warming, and ENSO. Contact T. Murty, Natl. Tidal Facility, Flinders Univ., GPO Box 2100, Adelaide, S. Australia 5001 (tel: 618 08 201 7524; fax: 618 08 201 7523; e-mail:


Event #d95cal177

AWRA (Amer. Water Resour. Assoc.) 31st Annual Conference and Symposia, Nov. 5-9, 1995, Houston, Texas. Conference topics will include hydrology, GIS, remote sensing, global change. Contact John Grounds III, Bechtel, 3000 Post Oak, Houston TX 77252 (713-235-4921).

Event #d95cal178

Twenty-First International Technical Meeting on Air Pollution Modeling and Its Applications, Nov. 6-10, 1995, Baltimore, Md. Hosted by Amer. Meteor. Soc. Key topics include the role of atmospheric models in air pollution policy, global and long-range models, model assessment and verification. Abstracts are due Feb. 28, 1995, to: Sven-Erik Gryning, Dept. Meteor., Ris? Natl. Lab., 4000 Roskilde, Denmark (fax: +45 46 75 56 19; e-mail: Also contact Francis Schiermeier, Atmos. Sci. Modeling Div., US EPA, Res. Triangle Pk. NC 27711 (919-541-4542).

Event #d95cal179

III International Congress on Energy, Environment and Tech-nological Innovation, Nov. 6-11, 1995, Caracas, Venezuela. A triennial event that will provide an international forum for scientific researchers. Poster sessions and workshops should closely relate to the title topics and objectives. Abstracts are due Nov. 15, 1994. In the Americas and Oceania, contact Giuseppe Giannetto, Facultad In-genier?a, Univ. Central de Venezuela, Apartado Postal 50656, Caracas 1050, Venezuela (tel: ++58-2-6931103; fax: ++58-2-6930629; e-mail: eanteliz@ In Europe, Asia and Africa, contact Giuseppi Imbesi, Dipt. Architettura, Facolt? di Ingener?a, Univ. Roma la Sapienza, Via Eudossiana 18, Rome 00184, Italy (tel: ++39-6-44585851; fax4: ++39-6444585186).

Event #d95cal180

Sustain Africa: An International Conference on the Implications of Climate Change, Global Warming and Environmental Degradation in Africa, Nov. 6-11, 1995, Lagos, Nigeria. Will determine the human and physical resource requirements and infrastructural demands for sustainable development; will assess the socio-economic and cultural implications of climate change; and will encourage collaboration among African states and international institutions. Contact E.E. Ekuwem, Dept. Meteor. Services, Blind Ctr. Rd., PMB 1215 Oshodi, Lagos, Nigeria.

Event #d95cal181

Conference on U.S./African Energy Partnerships, Nov. 7-10, 1995, Atlanta, Ga. Sponsored by U.S. Dept. of Energy, ESKOM Pwr. Co. et al. Will address African energy issues and business opportunities, and involve a diverse constituency in creative planning to bring African energy development plans to fruition, and to foster sustainable electric power production and distribution. Contact Arthur Baldwin, Ctr. for Conference Mgmt., POB 18209, Pittsburgh PA 15236 (412 892 6244).

Event #d95cal182

Towards Relatively Sustainable Energy and Mineral Resource Development in Developing Countries, Nov. 8-10, 1995, Hat Yai, Thailand. An international conference with a comprehensive program. Contact Rotchanatch Darnsawasdi, Dept. Mining, Prince of Songkla Univ., POB 2, Hat Yai 90112, Thailand (tel: 66 074 211030 49; fax: 66 074 212802).

Event #d95cal183

International Workshop on Bromine and Iodine and Their Possible Effect on Ozone, Nov. 7-11, 1995, Munich, Ger. Contact Environ. Div., AREP, WMO, 41 Ave. Guiseppa Motta, CH-1211 Geneva 2, Switz. (tel: 41 22 730 8454; fax: 41 22 740 0984; e-mail:

Event #d95cal184

Energy Economy '95: European Exhibition on Energy Efficiency, Cogeneration and Renewable Energy, Nov. 15-17, 1995, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Contact Energy/Economy '95, RAI, Glen House, 200-208 Tottenham Court Rd., London W1P 9LA, UK (tel: 44 0 71 436 9774; fax: 44 0 71 436 5694).

Event #d95cal185

Workshop on Sea Level Change, Nov. 15-17, 1995, Miami, Fla. Sponsored by U.S. Natl. Sci. Foundation, NASA et al. Contact C. Harrison, Sch. Marine Sci., Univ. Miami, 4600 Rickenbacker Causeway, Miami FL 33149 (tel: 305 361 4610; fax: 305 361 4632; e-mail:

Event #d95cal186

International Symposium on Global Change and Agriculture in the North, Nov. 16-17, 1995, Helsinki, Finland. Organized by the Finnish Res. Prog. on Clim. Change (SILMU) to review the state of knowledge on the subject, to provide a forum for reporting research results, and to identify research needs. Contact Pirkko Heikinheimo, SILMU Off., Acad. of Finland, Box 57, FIN-00551 Helsinki, Fin. (tel: 35 8 0 7748 8338; fax: 35 8 0 7748 8299; e-mail:

Event #d95cal187

Energy Africa '95: Conference on Energy Optimization and Conservation, Nov. 20-23, 1995, Accra, Ghana. Contact Water Africa Ltd., 36 Upper Duke St., Liverpool L1 9DY, UK (tel: 44 151 709 9192; fax: 44 151 709 7801).

Event #d95cal188

International Symposium on Energy, Environment and Economics, Nov. 20-24, 1995, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. A forum on the policy, efficiency, economic and environmental effects of energy production, use and conversion on the international level. For information or to submit an abstract: EEE Symposium, Faculty of Engineering, Univ. Melbourne, Parkville, Vic., Australia 3052.

Event #d95cal189

CEDS '95: Second International Workshop on Climate and Environmental Database Systems, Nov. 21-23, 1995, Hamburg, Ger. Contact Michael Lautenschlager, DKRZ (Deutsches Klimarechen-zentrum), Bundesstr. 55, D-20146 Hamburg, Ger. (tel: 49 40 411 73 297; fax: 49 40 411 73 400; e-mail:

Event #d95cal190

International Symposium on Spectral Sensing Research '95, Nov. 26-Dec. 1, 1995, Melbourne, Australia. Sponsored by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers et al. The theme is crisis support, where technologies are developed and shared among government, commercial and academic communities. Topics include atmospheric, oceanographic and coastal studies and applications. Contact J. Cole, Sci. & Technol. Corp., 101 Research Dr., Hampton VA 23666 (tel: 804 865 7604; fax: 804 865 8721; e-mail:

Event #d95cal191

International Congress on Modeling and Simulation, Nov. 27-30, 1995, New Castle, New South Wales, Australia. Sponsored by Intl. Soc. Ecol. Modeling et al. The comprehensive range of topics includes interdisciplinary methods, economics, agriculture, climate and air pollution. Abstracts are due May 1, 1995 to: P. Binning, Dept. Civil Eng., Univ. Newcastle, Callaghan, NSW 2308, Australia (tel: 61-49-215-735; fax: 61-49-216-991; e-mail:

Event #d95cal192

Open Meeting on the IGBP Northern Eurasia Study, Nov. 28-Dec. 1, 1995, Tsukuba, Japan. Will look at the terrestrial carbon cycle in this region; specifically, how this cycle will be affected by global change, and the subsequent feedbacks that may lead to further change. Papers should focus on the interactions and cross links among these four themes: water, energy and carbon exchange; trace gas emissions; ecosystem studies; and land use/land cover change. Submit abstracts to: Gen Inoue, Natl. Inst. for Environ. Studies, Japan Environ. Agency, 16-2, Ongawa, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305, Japan (tel: 81 298 51 6111; fax: 81 298 51 4732; e-mail:

Event #d95cal193

1995 International Conference on Information for Sustainable Development, Nov. 29-Dec. 1, 1995, Dallas, Tex. Contact Seyoum Zegiorgis, 3617 Yosemite Dr., Plano TX 75023 (tel: 214 613 7591; fax: 214 686 4175; e-mail:

Event #d95cal194

Solar '95: Annual Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Solar Energy Society, Nov. 29-Dec. 2, 1995, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Featuring the theme: "Renewable Energy: The Future Is Now." Contact Mures Convention Mgmt., Victoria Dock, Hobart, TAS 7000, Australia (tel: 61 02 341 424; fax: 61 02 344 464; e-mail:


Event #d95cal195

Sustainable Development and Global Climate Change: Conflicts and Connections, Dec. 4-5, 1995, Arlington, Virginia. Sponsored by the Center for Environmental Information, and cosponsored by more than 25 national and international environmental organizations, trade associations, government agencies and educational institutions. Keynote speaker Bert Bolin, Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, will present the findings of the IPCC's 1995 scientific assessment, scheduled to be released shortly before the conference. The conference will examine implications of the new assessment for sustainable development, particularly mechanisms for assessing the linkages and the conflicts between sustainable development strategies and emerging findings about impacts of, adaptation to, and mitigation of climate change effects. Sessions will cover economic assessment, and science and policy in the face of uncertainty. Contact Ctr. for Environ. Information, 50 West Main St., Rochester NY 14604 (tel: 716 262 2870; fax: 716 262 4156; e-mail:

Event #d95cal196

The Politics of International Investment for Energy and the Environment, Dec. 4-5, 1995, London, U.K. Organized by Roy. Inst. Intl. Affairs (attn. Julia Thomas), Chatham House, 10 St. James' Sq., London SW1Y 4LE, UK (tel: 44 171 957 5700, ext. 298; fax: 44 171 321 2045).

Event #d95cal197

Refrigeration CFCs: Recovery, Reuse, Alternatives and New Legislation, Dec. 4-5, 1995, Orlando, Fla. A course on state-of-the-art techniques for recovery and reuse, along with procedures for reducing emissions from manufacturing through maintenance. Contact Jana Ricketts, Assoc. Energy Eng., 4025 Pleasantdale Rd., S. 420, Atlanta GA 30340 (tel: 404 447 5083, ext. 219; fax: 404 446 3969).

Event #d95cal198

Regional Conference on Global Change, Dec. 4-6, 1995, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Scientists and other professionals will discuss progress and uncertainties on global change related to South America. Will also focus on activities of the IGBP and the Inter American Institute for Global Change Research. Contact Ines Iwashita, Inst. Estudos Avancados/USP, Av Prof. Gualberto, Trav. J 374, Sao Paulo 05508-900, Brazil (tel: 55 11 818 4442; fax: 55 11 818 4306; e-mail:

Event #d95cal199

The 20th Annual Environmental Information Exchange, Dec. 5-6, 1995, Res. Triangle Pk. N.C. Sponsored by Air & Waste Mgmt. Assoc. and U.S. Environ. Protect. Agency. Will focus on implementation of the 1990 Clean Air Act, including global climate change. Contact AWMA, One Gateway Ctr., Third Fl., Pittsburgh PA 15222 (tel: 412 232 3444; fax: 412 232 3450; e-mail:

Event #d95cal200

1995 Fall Meeting-American Geophysical Union, Dec. 11-15, 1995, San Francisco, Calif. Sessions relating to climate change and ozone depletion have been scheduled in the atmospheric sciences, hydrology and ocean sciences sections. In the "union" section are sessions on upper atmosphere research satellite science highlights and on climate and the emergence and spread of infectious disease. Abstracts are due Sep. 6 to: 1995 Fall Meeting, AGU, 2000 Florida Ave. NW, Washington DC 20009 (tel: 202-462-6900; fax: 202-328-0566; e-mail: See Eos, pp. 280-288, July 11, 1995.

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