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How might climate change affect flooding, especially in North Carolina?

Last updated 18 April 2000
Originally answered 18 April 2000

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How might climate change affect flooding, especially in North Carolina?


The USGS, Water Resources of North Carolina.
They have historic streamflow data if you’re planning to do your own statistical analysis. A new addition to the site, is Flooding in Eastern NC. This site is still under construction but you may find some useful resources or contacts.

The US EPA Global Warming site has information on the potential impact of climate change on coastal zones, and on each state.

Floods As Usual. Academic Press.
A news report covering a research talk from the 1997 fall AGU (American Geophysical Union) meeting. Researchers from the USGS presented data supporting the view that recent flooding was not an abnormal climate pattern. This should be a good lead for finding some published papers about this research.

The National Climatic Data Center.

Global Warming and Changes in Flood Potential.

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