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Impacts of climate change on agriculture in Taiwan

Last updated 28 October 2002
Originally answered 28 October 2002

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What may be the impacts of climate change on agriculture in Taiwan?


Here are some resources for you to learn about the potential impacts of climate change on agricultural production in Taiwan:

Check your library for databases such as AGRICOLA, BioAgIndex, etc. They will lead you to whatever peer-reviewed research is available in the literature. For example, I found this article by searching for “climate change AND Taiwan” in BioAgIndex:

Chang, Ching-Cheng. The potential impact of climate change on Taiwan’s agriculture. Agricultural Economics v. 27 no1 (May 2002) p. 51-64.

Searching Google for search words like “taiwan climate change agriculture” or “east asia global warming agriculture impacts” leads to a host of relevant sites. Among them are:

Global Change Research Center (GCRC) at the National Taiwan University (check links under “current activities")

The government of Taiwan has issued a report called “Green Vitality: Taiwan’s Sustainable Development”.

The Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency has a “Climate Change Taiwan” website at

Climate Change and Rice

Institute of Botany, Academia Sinica in Taiwan

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